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2018 Calf Program

Its that time of year, 2018 Calves will be hitting the ground soon!
RESERVE Your 2018 Calf!
As calves are born, we will post them on the website as soon as possible.
You can reserve a calf  with a $500 deposit.  This goes towards the purchase price of the calf.

Heifers $1250, this includes ABBI Registration & Vaccinations
Bull Calves $1500 this includes ABBI Registration, vaccinations, , and EID Tag.

When you pick your calf (s)  up when weaned, early Nov. 2018, you pay the remaining balance.
(If you choose, you can pay the total purchase price of the calf anytime before pick up.)

This sale, offer ends Oct. 1 2018
Buyers MUST notify Dillon Swanson by Sept. 15 2018 of any health papers etc they may need for transport 
when they pick up their calves.
Health Papers are at owners expense

You are guaranteed a LIVE Calf.

In the event something happens to the calf, you will be refunded your money OR your choice of another 
calf that is available.
In the event you fail to pay the remaining balance on your calf(s) you will NOT be refunded 
your deposit.

Cows have been in pasture with 2 possible sires. We know what cows have been with which sires. If you 
see a cow you would like to reserve the calf out of and want to know what sire she has been with, call or 
text Dillon at 605-254-5718 and he can let you know.

39X Panama Jack

34 Train Robber

Visit the Herd Sires tab to view their pedigree. 

You can mail a cashier's check, money order or personal check, for your deposit. When they clear, then 
your calf will be marked as RESERVED.

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